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Researcher / Music Educator / Musician

Neea Lamminmäki is a (folk) musician, pedagogue, and doctoral researcher at the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland. In music education, her current doctoral project is titled "Between changing society and sustaining heritage: Elevating locality in music education in and through the Näppäri practice in Finland," with her particular interest in inclusive intergenerational teaching of local folk music traditions.
The Finnish Cultural Foundation funds the research.

As a musician, Neea is well-known as an expressive pianist and player of a traditional instrument used in Finnish folk music, a pump organ.

As a music educator, Neea specializes in improvisation and free accompaniment (practical skills) in piano pedagogy, taught at Kulju Piano School she founded in 2019. Born and raised in the famous folk music town of Kaustinen, Neea also teaches pianists to play the pump organs in the Näppäri music courses.


In her doctoral research, Neea examines how the Finnish Näppäri practice could contribute to socially and culturally sustainable music education.

Music Educator

As a piano school entrepreneur and Näppäri educator, Neea is specialized in free accompaniment (practical skills) in piano pedagogy.


Neea is well-known as an expressive, improvisatory artist with folk and pop music influences.



Neea Lamminmäki

neea.lamminmaki (at)

p. +358 40 737 4131

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