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As an artist born and raised in the musically famous town of Kaustinen, Neea is well-known as an expressive pianist and pump organist. During her career, Neea has gained a remarkable amount of national and international performances. Amongst international tours, Neea has played in Germany and Spain. In addition, Neea has worked with many artists as a songwriter, composer, arranger, and musician in diverse groups and projects.


Currently, Neea performs actively with the folk-pop group Maksetut Viulut and the singer-songwriter Sami Asp. In her playing, aesthetics of pop and nordic folk music can be heard in her improvisatory playing. Through her education (Master of Music, Sibelius Academy, 2018) and multiple musical influences, broad improvisation skills in playing, singing, and movement are at the heart of her art.



Folk musician

Freelance pianist

Musician, songwriter and arranger

Musician, arranger

Improvised composition

Musician, arranger

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